Holiday Gift Guide

Our expert picks for GREAT holiday gifts!

For better or worse, our staff is obsessed with bikes. That means we have some informative insights into the best gift ideas for your holiday shopping. Below you'll find gifts for every budget, but don't stop there... come down to visit us and we'll help direct you the best products available. Let's kick off the guide by just admiring the color on these ebikes for a second... The only thing better than looking at these beauties is riding them. From the class 1 Turbo Como 2.0 to the new Turbo Vado hitting into class 3... these bikes simply fly up hills. You'll have to ride one to believe how smooth and natural a bionic superbike can be. Starting at $2950.

Park Tool Pizza Tool - $16

Pizza and bikes. What more could you want? Perhaps a bike that cuts pizza? Sure. Now, with a stainless steel cutting blade and dishwasher safe, you could only keep your actual bike this clean.

Specialized Stix - $30-45

Perhaps the only safety accessory more important than these lights is your helmet. The Stix lights from Specialized provide you with convenient safety lighting for your bike, your run, or even walking the dog. See and be seen. 

Swiftwick Socks - $13-$20 


The best socks you'll ever wear. We stock a huge variety of these and can special order for teams and organizations. We've used these for over a decade and even still have some of the original pairs in our drawers at home. 

Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor - $50

This little beacon sends a signal through your smart phone if you crash and need help. Escape responsibly. More information is available on our ANGi Helmets page listed in the footer.

Brooks B17 and Microfiber Bar Tape - $135 + $27

Get some class for your a--. Probably the most coveted saddle in the history of bike seats. Its a commitment to ride a Brooks, but if you make the transition, you won't go back to plastic bike "saddles" ever again. Of course, nothing says class like some matching handlebar tape. We've been using the tape on our touring rigs and it holds up amazingly well.

Specialized Tube Spool - $25

Got a minimalist roadie to shop for? The Spool keeps the tube, tire lever, and inflator all packaged up to fit nicely in a jersey pocket for those emergency flats. Of course, if you really want to avoid flats, you should ask us about going tubeless... in the meantime, there's these handy little guys.

Specialized Gravel Tires - Starting at $40/tire

Whether you're gunning for Dirty Kanza or a Coast 2 Coast epic, these tires have done it at all levels. Perhaps we're biased, but we're sold on this lineup of gravel treads and would ride them anywhere. Our favorite all-arounder? Go with the Pathfinder... Want to get really lost? The Tracer Pro has the tread to bring you home... Like to just roll on pavement with an occasional trip through the stones? The Sawtooth rolls ultra fast. 

Osprey Hydration packs - Starting at $50

What's more important than staying hydrated? Osprey makes some of the best packs on the planet with options for all ages. Starting at $50 for a kids pack, you'll find the highest quality at affordable prices. Now, add in the fact that they have a lifetime guarantee and you're dealing with a no brainer... we've used the Osprey packs in everything from a romp on the trails at Brookside to the full Mohican 100 mile mountain bike race with great satisfaction.

ESI Grips - $19 to $23

Look at the grips of almost every elite class XC mountain biker and you'll find the ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable ESI Grips. The silicone material is soft to the touch yet provides outstanding bar control in rough terrain. If you have a mountain biker on the list, consider this... there are only three spots where a rider is touching the bike... saddle, pedals, and grips. We invest in padded shorts for our rears and spend hundreds on shoes and pedals, but we're still rolling on the stock grips wondering why our hands are hurting. Try these, or one of our many options in-stock.

Specialized Roubaix (base model) - $2200

Its not hard to see why the Roubaix is our best selling road bike. Fast, smooth, light, and now more aerodynamic than ever. The base model features all the great technology of Paris-Roubaix winning S-Works, but is actually affordable. The new Tiagra 10-speed hydraulic shifting will make anyone wonder why you'd ever want to spend more on Shimano 105, Ultegra, or Dura Ace. To really seal the deal for your gift, match it up with an ABC jersey ($70) and Specialized Echelon helmet ($70). Smoother really is faster. Just ask Peter Sagan.