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Ashland Bike Company

-Enjoying the Ride since 2017-

Who we are.

Ashland Bike Company was founded by Anthony Bunt and his wife Michelle in June of 2017. At the beginning of 2024, Ashland Bike Company joined the Fin Feather Fur Outfitters company as one of their first affiliate businesses. Like Ashland Bike Co., FFFO was started in Ashland and has a focus on improving the local community. Anthony (Tony) is now managing ABC under the helpful FFFO umbrella. The team at ABC is made up of riders with loads of experience in many forms of cycling and can guide you on your cycling journey.  In 2020 we partnered with businesses and individuals in Ashland and helped set up Project WILD, a non-profit organization focused on building the cycling community through infrastructure, youth programs, and equipment. Project WILD and its youth program (Team WILD) is a separate entity from Ashland Bike Company but it is something we are proud to support. Check out Project WILD for more information about this great cause.

Anthony - General Manager and CBE (chief bike expert)

I have a deep and broad love for the bicycle that began very early in life.  Like many kids growing up in the 80's and 90's, I grew up riding bikes.  In high school, I took my first mountain bike ride and that changed the trajectory of my lifestyle.  Following college my wife, Michelle, and I moved to the Boise, Idaho area for seven years while I attended grad school for education.  Throughout that time, I rode a lot and worked a Cafferty's Cyclery in Nampa where I learned the art of servicing bicycles.  Once I reached the end of grad school I began a 9 year teaching career.  In that time, I also helped my good friend Adam Haynes at his new bike shop, Rolling H Cycles and saw the way a shop can positively effect a community.  When the time came to move back home to Ashland I brought the experiences of those two bike shops with me and eventually Michelle and I launched Ashland Bike Company.  Every customer that comes through our shop doors is one that we deeply want to serve in the best way we can.  Not everyone gets to live out their dream job, but for me, I'm blessed that I get to everyday.

Ashley - Assistant Manager and CBR (chief bike racer)

If there was ever a picture of a rider that tried riding and took it to another level its Ashley! We have watched her grow from a brand new mountain biker to a National Champion in the GNCC Emtb Series! In 2021 she was selected to represent the USA at the World Championships in Italy for eMTB. She is a former high school teacher ,that joined the shop staff full-time in 2021. Her role is technically the sales manager but she wears a variety of hats in the shop's day-to-day operations. If you made an online purchase, there's a good chance Ashley wrote you a "thank you" on your receipt and shipped out your gear. Finally, she is the head coach of the Team WILD programs and manages Project WILD, a youth cycling non-profit based in Ashland. 


John is joining our team at the end of April, 2024. You may see him in the shop now as he finishes his career working for the city of Ashland. He is looking forward towards retirement from his service and hopes to leave a mark on the cycling world through his involvement at Ashland Bike Co. More details on John coming soon.