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Bike Repair & Maintenance

Repaired by Expert Mechanics

When you bring your bike in for service, you will not just be receiving exceptional service... You will also meet one of our experienced bike mechanics who will work extensively to ensure your bike leaves the shop exactly as you desire. Since our mechanics are riders too, they want to be sure you enjoy the ride!

Service Menu

With options ranging from a simple Safety Check to the comprehensive Total Package, our mechanics aim to provide you with the exact service package that fits your needs. No more and no less. Our main goal is to provide you with a bike that is safer and more enjoyable than when it entered our doors.  We provide an inspection report with each safety check.

Safety Check


Check all systems on bicycle, tighten any loose parts, align bars, air tires, lube chain.  Full bike inspection and report provided.

Annual Service


Safety Check +

Adjust and lube gears, true wheels, adjust brakes, tension all bolts, assess and repair bearings as needed, clean the bike frame and wheels.

Annual Service & Cleaning


Safety Check, Annual Service +

Removal of drive train, clean, reinstall, and lube; here we take the cleaning of the bike to the "next level."

New Bike Feel


Full strip down and overhaul with all new wear & tear parts. Includes: new tape or grips, tires, and brake pads (other parts not included).

The Total Package


Full strip down and overhaul with new chain, cassette, and wear & tear parts. get your bike serviced like an elite pro cyclist in Le Tour de France!

1 Business Day Turn-Around

Must be booked in advance.

We can fix almost anything... If its not on the list, just ask us about it.