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2020 Results are in!!! Congrats to all of you that started this journey, and great racing at the front by Doug, Ben, and Jared. Special kudos to Jill White for being the only woman brave enough to try this, and to the tandem riders Troy and Quinn who both won and lost their category at the same time. 

Rider NameCityStateFinish Time or Mile Completed  Place  
Doug RitzertCoshoctonOH26:571
Ben HerbertzIndianapolisIN27:572
Jared SmithWoosterOH28:073
Matt BarnumColumbusOH31:454
Christopher HicksLewis CenterOH31:454
Mike PeifferMaumeeOH32:106
Dave VesperAshlandOH33:287
Kyle FedlerLakelandFL33:287
Jeff ShaullMansfieldOH34:209
Anthony BuntAshlandOH37:4910
Tyler EllisLouisvilleKY39:0911
Garrett AllenShelby OHOHMile 27212
Terry WagnerAshlandOH Mile 22513
Troy Chipka/Quinn WatsonAshlandOHMile 22513/1    Tandem Losers!
Marshall BeebeColumbusOHMile 20216
Jill WhiteMansfieldOH Mile 18017/1 Female Winner
Brian DavisTallmadgeOHMile 17618
Scott PhillipsCincinnatiOHMile 17119
Matt BrownsonLovelandOHMile 17020
Matt PolandMedinaOHMile 16021
Steven KunsakPittsburgPA Mile 11422
David LayfieldO'FallonIL4 Days

Craig BickleNewcastleOH6 Days
Chris DaiberColumbusOH6 Days


This is a FREE event with no prizes and no support. It is probably the toughest way we can think of to cross the great state of Ohio. It is not a flat route! Just you against the route as quick as you want to ride. What you get by registering for this race is a route, a mass start, and the motivation to challenge yourself on a self-supported bicycling adventure. A gravel bike or lightweight mountain bike is highly recommended with the ability to carry water and supplies for up to 50 miles of riding on out-of-the-way backroads, gravel paths, long smooth stretches of asphalt,  and whatever else may find its way onto the course. The route has numerous big hills, class 4 gravel roads, and long lonely stretches of pavement. It should also prove to be a beautiful course that starts with the back tire in the Ohio River and ends with the front tire in Lake Erie. We have made every attempt to cross into resupply areas when possible. 

Bike set-up recommendations:

During our recon rides and drives, we have determined the ideal bike is a gravel bike with 700 x 38 tires or perhaps wider if you are unfamiliar with riding on gravel. Fast rolling tires setup tubeless would be the best bet. Water carrying capacity and some lightweight sleeping setup of some kind. We suggest a small lightweight backpack in the event you need to carry supplies to get through a night or two out on the route. BE AWARE OF GUARD DOGS ALONG THE ROUTE IN SOME RURAL AREAS. Of course, you could load up with a heavy bike-touring setup, but the hills in this route are steep, numerous, and many are rugged enough that your stuff will be more of a burden than a asset. We always recommend lights front and rear. Be sure you have a way to ride through at least some dark hours, as we start at 5 am sharp on September 26th. 

We've gotten a lot of questions about the route over the past few weeks, especially related to tire selection. The DWR consists of a majority of grade 1 roads with prolonged stretches of grade 2 and 3 and a few short sections of grade 4+. You don't want to under-tire on this route because the gravel stretches are miles long in many cases, including a 10 mile stretch in the remote Wayne National Forest area. Terrain is steep and unrelenting throughout the route until the very end so even a paved , grade 1 road, will be best tackled of a wider tire, disc brakes, and a stable bike. Fast rolling tires of approximately 38-42mm would be ideal. Probably the best tire is a Specialized Pathfinder or Kenda Flintridge or something similar to those options. 

Here is a great explanation on different levels of gravel. Cycling Tips: Grading Gravel


(Our unofficial goal is to reach Vermilion by sunset on day 2, which puts you at about 38 hours to ride the 300+ miles. Some will likely be much faster, and some much slower... Its self-supported, so take as long as you want, bike riding should be fun. If you can't finish it in 38 hours, make it 48, or 72, or whatever you want, just don't quit and don't blame us if it is harder than you thought...)

Official Rules:

Any outside assistance besides what is publicly available via businesses along the way is prohibited and will result in disqualification from the official results.

Participants must carry their own supplies. Refilling water from streams along the way is not recommended. The route will pass through towns and it is advised that supplies are purchased along the way from these locations.

No Drafting. Participants may ride together side-by-side.

Participants must carry GPS devices and track their route along the way. Rides must be uploaded to Strava and shared with the race director on the event Facebook page. 

Riders will text the race director at the number provided on the starting line when they finish by touching the lighthouse in Vermilion. In the event that they cannot continue, they shall text the director. NO SAG or OTHER ASSISTANCE will be provided.



When: Saturday September 26th, 2020 at 5:00 am.

Where: Starts at South Point Ohio, Finishes in Vermilion, Ohio.

Cost: $0

Lodging: There are numerous camp grounds along the way and ghost camping is always an option if done in a respectful, safe manner. We have been given the okay to camp at the start the night before the race at the South Point Community Center. Recommendations for campsites along the way are as follows: 

Lake Alma State Park

Lake Hope State Park

Dillon State Park (slightly off route, but only a few miles out of the way)

Mohican State Park

Other: A HUGE part of this challenge is the logistics. We will not be providing you a detailed explanation of how to download the route, get to the start, find your way along the unmarked route, and finally, get home from the finish. Remember the spirit of this event is to challenge yourself and to have a little adventure in your life. We will provide you with answers to your questions, but don't be surprised if the answer more about guidance than a solution to your problem. Let's keep the spirit of the ride in mind as we all explore this beautiful state. We don't think you'll be disappointed!

DWR reviews

Craig and Chris left South Point, Ohio in early September, and to our knowledge are the first riders to tackle the entire route. These men did it right, taking their time on the course and enjoying the sights along the way! Six days later, on September 11th, 2020, they became the first two people to complete the route! They stopped in Ashland on their last day on the way to the lake for a couple of minor repairs, some coffee from Downtown Perk, and some beer from Uniontown Brewing Co. before heading out on the last section to Lake Erie.